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Photographic Distinctions


May 2013 - 2 mono prints accepted into the London Salon of Photography 102nd Exhibition 2013

21 April 2013 - Awarded the MPAGB Distinction for 20 prints of the 'Highest Standard of UK Amateur Photography.'

April 2013 - Gold Medal of Excellence in the 5* Trierenberg Circuit, Austria for 'Stephen.'

March 2013 - Achieved the BPE3* Crown Award from British Photographic Exhibitions for 100+ acceptances into the various BPE Exhibitions.

March 2013 - Awarded a PAGB Bronze Medal for 'Under the Weather' in Basingstoke National Exhibition 2013

March 2013 - Awarded 2 FIAP Gold Medals in the Great British Small print Circuit 2013 for 'One Black one, One White one' and 'Subway Muscle.' Also a Honourable Mention Award for 'Geraldo.'

February 2013 - 'Subway Muscle' awarded a FIAP Gold Medal in 100th Southampton International Exhibition 2013

February 2013 - Silver PAGB Medal in Mono prints, NIPA Annual Exhibition 2013 for 'One White one, One Black one.'

February 2013 - Awarded Top Mono image and a PAGB Gold Medal for 'Seana' in the UK wide GB Cup 2013

February 2013 - UPI Gold Medal in 1st Greek Photographic Circuit 2013 (Rhodes) for 'Tied to the Past.'

February 2013 - 'Underground Glamour' Highly Commended in Port Talbot International Salon, Wales

February 2013 - FIAP Silver Medal and a Certificate of Merit in 45th Howrah International Salon, India for 'Tied to the Past' and 'All Curled Up.'

January 2013 - Winner of inaugural Will McCrum Memorial Cup with mono print 'Stephen.'

December 2012 - 'Subway Muscle' awarded a FIAP Silver Medal in the 38th Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography 2012 in the Mono Print Section. 'Stephen' awarded a Royal Photographic Society Ribbon in Mono Prints. 'Subway Bandit' Highly Commended.

November 2012 - 'Seana' selected as one of 100 prints from RPS Members Worldwide, to tour UK & Overseas in the Royal Photographic Society's Biennial Print Exhibition. Over 8800 prints entered and this made the Top 100!

October 2012 - Awarded 2 x Gold PAGB Medals and 1 x Bronze PAGB Medals in the 30th Annual Bromsgrove National Exhibition, and 4 PAGB Ribbons.

September 2012 - Awarded a PSA (Photographic Society of America) Silver Medal in the prestigious Tallaght International Salon of Photographic Art 2012 for 'Subway Muscle' and a Ribbon for 'Johnny Fee.'

September 2012 - Awarded Top Mono print in the Celtic Challenge 2012, at Swansea, in competition between N.I, ROI, Scotland, Wales and Isle of Man for the print 'Stephen.'

August 2012 - Awarded Gold and Silver Medals for 1st and 2nd in Mono Prints at Great Barr Open Exhibition, Birmingham, with a further 5 Judges' Awards for other prints.

August 2012 - Achieved the BPE2 Crown Award from 'British Photographic Exhibitions' for 50 acceptances in BPE Exhibitions.

July 2012 - 'Starry Starry Night' Commended in Beyond Group National Exhibition 2012

July 2012 - 4 Prints accepted for the prestigious 150th Edinburgh Photographic Society Annual Exhibition - the longest running photographic Exhibition in the World. Awarded a Royal Photographic Society Gold Medal for the mono print 'Stephen' and a 150th Anniversary Medal awarded to all successful entrants.

June 2012 - Awarded a Gold Medal in Glasgow Digital Exhibition 2012 for 'Seana,' as well as 3 British Photography Exhibition Ribbons and a Highly Commended.

April 2012 - 2 Mono Prints selected for the prestigious London Salon of Photography Exhibition 2012

April 2012 - Achieved the BPE1 Crown Distinction from British Photographic Exhibitions for 25 accepted prints into BPE Exhibitions

April 2012 - Awarded 4 Medals, a Highly Commended and a Commended in the Solihull Open Exhibition of British Photography

March 2012 - Awarded Trophy for Top Mono Print 2012 by Northern Ireland Photographic Association

March 2012 - 'Cloudy Outlook' awarded 2 Honorable Mentions in German DVF International Photocup Circuit

March 2012 - Awarded a BPE Ribbon at Vale of Evesham Annual Exhibition 2012

March 2012 - Awarded a SCC medal and an SCC Certificate in the 99th Southampton International Exhibition.

February 2012 - awarded a FIAP Gold Medal in Aleksinac Portrait Salon 2012, Serbia.

February 2012 - awarded a Serbia Photographic Federation Gold Medal in Aleksinac Portrait Salon 2012.

February 2012 - Grand prix winner for best overall image in Aleksinac Portrait Salon 2012, Serbia

February 2012 - awarded a FIAP Gold Medal in 8th Marzo Fotografia, Italy for winning the 'Women in Society' Section

February 2012 - awarded a PAGB Ribbon in Southport Print Exhibition 2012

February 2012 - PAGB Gold and Silver Medals in the Mono section of the NIPA Annual Exhibition at Waterfront Hall. PAGB Silver Medal in Colour Section.

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